Twelve weeks ago,  I stood by the stage in Southam Hall preparing for our opening night of CATS in Ottawa.  The day of an opening night begins before the sun comes up, when the quiet and empty venue becomes a frenzy of activity after the touring company’s massive trucks and personnel arrive.

That day was much like any other. I checked in with the Box Office,  Front of House Management (overseeing all of the ushers and customer service staff) and the Technical Director (TD’s works with a huge local team of wardrobe, hair, sound and stage technicians and the show’s production heads to get the show running). Putting up a show is an enormous undertaking, involving many non-acting folks that you may never see, but who contribute a whole lot.

I didn’t realize that it would be the last time I would witness the magic of a show coming to life for a very long time. I wish I had more foresight on what that next day, next week or coming months would bring.  I would have appreciated so much more.  I would have slowed down to relish the amazing experience that is live theatre.

I MISS IT. I miss it all: the shows, the music, the tears, the laughs, the goosebumps and our audiences across the country, my amazing theatre family. I just miss theatre and I imagine you all feel the same.

Prior to March 12, 2020, in my 20 plus years working at Broadway Across Canada, I can count on one hand how many shows we have had to cancel   I assure you, it is our last resort.  These days are different. However, our priority has always been and will always be the unwavering responsibility to the health and well-being of our staff, touring companies, venue personnel and beloved audiences.  That is an absolute.

Our days now are filled with a whole new normal.  Our teams work diligently to navigate these unprecedented times.  What we know is this: we, alongside the shows, venues and government officials are 100% committed to making plans to welcome you back to the theatres that we proudly call home. We continue to do our best to communicate these plans as the situation remains fluid. We do very much appreciate your patience and understanding as we work toward the time when our curtains rise again.

Be Well, Stay Healthy and Please, Sing Loud and Sing Often.