Atlanta-based actress Kennedy Salters is serving up pie across North America in Waitress. She plays the feisty Becky, one of three waitresses at Joe’s Diner and friend to expert pie maker Jenna. Broadway Across Canada had the opportunity to ask Kennedy about her experience on tour and starring in a show so deliciously sweet.


Can you tell me about your character in Waitress?

Becky is what we’ve been referring to as the “lifer”. She’s been working at the diner for years. When the diner was first being built and it had its ‘Now Hiring’ sign up, she was probably in line ready to apply and hasn’t left there since. Hence, she’s likely to take her sweet time doing certain things in the diner, showing up late occasionally, and dishing out the sass where she sees fit. She’s also a loyal friend and wife. Although her husband is very ill, she sticks by him and continues to take care of him despite it.


How do you relate to your character?

I relate to Becky because like her, Kennedy’s a very loyal person. I love my family and friends HARD. My community is everything.


What was the moment you realized that you wanted to pursue a career in theatre?

I saw a production of Into the Woods at my high school and I was mesmerized with the actor playing the narrator. I was so captivated and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I knew then, that I wanted to sign up at a theatre class the next semester.


What is it like being on tour and performing 8 times a week?

It really teaches you what your body needs and what your spirit needs outside of show. Sometimes it’s extra sleep, quite time, or hanging out with a group of people. Whatever it may be, it teaches you what you need to put your best performance forward.


What is the most rewarding part of doing the show night after night?

The relationships. I find when I really get to know the people that I’m acting with, I connect with them even stronger onstage and that makes it even more worthwhile to go onstage and tell a story with them.


What is the hardest part about what you do?

Giving myself grace as I find the character and develop it. It can be so easy to get down sometimes if I don’t get a note correct, or if I accidentally don’t hit my mark, but I just have to give myself grace and work to get it the next time. It always comes together. Sometimes it just takes some time, and that’s what rehearsal is for.


What is the one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Don’t compare yourself to others. There is only one you and that is so beautiful and more than enough. Comparison will be the thief of joy. Relish in the fact that you’re unique, special, and beautifully and wonderfully made.


What do you want people to know about Waitress?

I want people to know that they are more than powerful, and deserving of love and worthiness after walking away from seeing this show.


Waitress is a show that involves quite a lot of dessert. Do you have a favourite type of pie?

Sweet potato!