Show Photos - Moulin Rouge! - Natalie Mendoza - 11/21 - Photo: Matthew Murphy

Check Out Spectacular New Production Photos from Moulin Rouge! The Musical

November 18th, 2021 | By Lindsey Sullivan

Ladies and gentlemen, bohemians and artists—feast your eyes on spectacular, spectacular new production photos from the Tony-winning musical Moulin Rouge! These shots feature Natalie Mendoza as Satine, Tony winners Aaron Tveit and Danny Burstein as Christian and Harold Zidler, respectively, along with Sahr Ngaujah as Toulouse-Lautrec, Robyn Hurder as Nini, Ricky Rojas as Santiago and Tam Mutu as The Duke of Monroth. Enjoy the photos below, and then experience the resplendent show for yourself at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

Jeigh Madjus, Holly James, Jacqueline B Arnold and Robyn Hurder welcome audiences to the Moulin Rouge!
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)


So exciting! Sahr Ngaujah, Natalie Mendoza, Tam Mutu, Ricky Rojas, Aaron Tveit and Danny Burstein perform “The Pitch Song.”
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)


Aaron Tveit, Ricky Rojas, Sahr Ngaujah and Danny Burstein take the stage.
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)


Come what may! Natalie Mendoza and Aaron Tveit belt it out.
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)


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